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Forehead Surgery or Frontoplasty


It is a surgical procedure also known as “lifting” or forehead stretching to correct dropped eyebrows, dynamic wrinkles of the forehead (frown lines) and the signs of aging that give a tiredness-like, sadness or moodiness appearance.

The Frontoplasty restores and enhances the facial appearance making it look more youthful.  The type of anesthesia used for this surgery is local with sedation or general anesthesia, according to each case.


After-Care and Recovery


Pre-surgical care

During the visit to the plastic surgeon, you should talk about the points you want to improve and highlight what bothers you.  After checking your medical records, you will be examined in your forehead, your expressions, the position of your eyebrows, the degree of skin excess and the height level of the hairline.

You must avoid smoking and taking aspirin and should mention to the doctor if you have coagulation disorders, healing problems and if you are a smoker.

The specific preparation instructions for this procedure will be given by your doctor, including changes you must make to your eating habits, drinks, cigarette smoking and certain medications such as aspirin and some vitamins.

Post-surgical care

After surgery you will feel some pain that will be controlled with painkillers;

There may be some swelling; bruising and altered sensitivity which will disappear with time.  To sleep, you will lie down keeping your head elevated during the first few days, in order to limit the swelling as much as possible.  Most of the time, drains and bandages are used to limit and contain the inflammation.

Disability and recovery

Most patients are back on their job or school within 10 days. But it is recommended that physical activities such as jogging, bending, housework, sex or any activity that increases your blood pressure, are not performed or practiced until several weeks have passed after the procedure.


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