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  • Neuro-Ophthalmology is the area in charge of visual disorders related to the ner
  • It is a progressive optic neuropathy (a disease of the optic nerve) characterize
  • The subspecialty of Cornea and Anterior Segment is responsible for solving eye p
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  • The pediatrician is the specialized doctor in detecting health problems in child
  • It is the pathologic analysis of eye tissues that are removed by biopsy or surge
  • Strabismus is the deviation of the alignment of one eye over the other, regardle
  • The retina is the innermost layer of the three layers that make up the eye and i
  • The Clínica de Oftalmología de Cali has developed a specialized unit for the c
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Pediatric Ophthalmology
oftalmopediatria The pediatrician is the specialized doctor in detecting health problems in children and is the first person who discovers early eye problems and refers to the pediatrician ophthalmologist, who is the specialist responsible for addressing visual problems in children.

Prevention of disease is critical in a child’s life to avoid leaving sequela. Therefore, it is important for the newborn to have a thorough eye exam during consultation and the detection of any eye problems that may lead to a subnormal vision or in some cases, they can cause blindness.

During consultation with the pediatrician ophthalmologist, the visual development of the child is looked up closely and for this reason, the child patient must receive 3 types of stimuli: light, shape and color.

The media focus of the eye should be transparent and the retina must be healthy. When examining, the eyeball must be healthy and the ability to see rests entirely on it.  Allowing for a set period of time for the proper development which is between 6 and 8 years of age in a child, we try to teach and train the eye to see close to the end of this period, therefore it’s important to detect eye diseases as soon as possible.


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